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Strangely, we are not really massive cake eaters. Don’t be shocked! It’s a good thing. Not being a slave to a sweet tooth makes us much more demanding about the quality and taste of the cakes we do eat and make. We have high standards. We need to be able to taste and enjoy the flavours, the texture and feel as though we have been lifted out of the usual day to day order of things. We reserve this experience for something truly special as a well deserved treat.
Todays generation of young people are consumed by the most recent fad diet and have the most delusional approach to food. Either restricting food completely, over eating or eating odd combinations to boost our health. Juicing, carb-cutting, sugar free, fat free…the list goes on. To top it off, the majority of our food is processed, chemical filled and artificially flavoured. We are scared to eat the foods we used to love.
To us, eating is about providing sustenance to our bodies, but also enjoyment, realising that different days require different ways of eating, that if you are going to celebrate life, it should be celebrated properly. With family, friends and a good piece of cake (and maybe a prosecco or two!). But it should also be balanced. If we ate cake every day, it would no longer be a treat.
Nigella says:
“a life that banishes sweet things is not a balanced life, but a constrained one…an invitation to obsession that I want to be no party of. Whatever ingredients I use, the aim is always simple: to give pleasure, without which, life and the sum of human happiness, in this small but essential way, would be much diminished.”
We will not apologize for using sugar and butter – it’s part of life. It is a luxury that our ancestors used to treasure and savour, and this should still be so. Alternative sugars, are simply that, sugars. We will not compromise on the quality of our cakes and only use them if it adds to the flavour. We believe food should be as simple as possible using honest good ingredients, exactly as you would at home and as fresh as possible. No additives, no preservatives, so cake taste just like a cake should!

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Jessica Baines, 29/08/2017