Making Wedding Cakes is our favourite part of the job.

We get really excited when we get an e-mail from a prospective bride or groom and we absolutely love the whole process – from meeting the couple, having wedding cake tastings and discussing the cake design, to putting the final touches on the finished wedding cake at the venue. 

Your wedding cake should reflect your personality and style and tie in with the feel of your magical day, but most importantly it should be delicious, something that you and your guests will talk about long after the last crumbs have been enjoyed!

All our cakes are flavoursome, light and moist. We pride ourselves in making sure the flavour and the texture of the cake is the most important thing! Then we use this beautiful cake as a canvas to get creative and produce something stunning. 

All our cakes are freshly made the day before your event using the highest quality ingredients we can find and locally sourced where possible. We never freeze our sponges. 

We offer a very personal and bespoke service and love to work closely with the couple to create their perfect wedding cake within their budget. No one will get the same wedding cake as you! We don't hand you a book and ask you to choose one - instead we work with you to find the vision for your special day and plan the cake together. When you order from us you can be sure that you will receive a truly personal service as Jess designs and creates all elements of the cake - bakes, finishes and carefully delivers each wedding cake.

Couples who order their wedding cake will receive a free cake consultation and cake tasting session. We offer a delivery and set up service for all our wedding cakes, arranging the entire cake and dessert table display.

Wedding Cakes are presented as either:

  • Naked: No icing or covering on the the cake, leaving the filling between each layer visible from the outside. Naked cakes are often decorated with powdered sugar and fresh flowers or fruit, and are a refreshingly rustic look that is perfect for a relaxed wedding or celebration. 
  • Seminaked: Similar to a naked cake, but with a layer of buttercream around the outside of the cake giving it straight edges and sharp corners, scraped back thin so that the cake is visible through the icing. Able to be coloured and often decorated with fresh flowers, fruit, and other goodies, this is our most popular style.
  • Buttercream: Iced in full-coverage buttercream, which can be smooth, rustic, textured or patterned, applied with a spatula or piped on, and can be flavoured and tinted to your chosen colour/s. Note: buttercream is delicious, but butter does melt! If you would like this look for a large cake that needs to withstand prolonged hot temperatures (e.g. several hours of display at an outdoor wedding).
  • Fondant: Covered in smooth ganache with sharp edges, and then encased in a thin layer of fondant. Fondant is extremely versatile: it can be coloured, painted, embossed, piped, tiled, marbled (and more), making it perfect for complex and elegant designs. It has a bad reputation for tasting awful and being left on the plate, but modern recipes make fondant that is sweetly flavoured and can be rolled very thin, making it much more palatable. In addition, as it completely seals the cake, it enables the cake to be safely stored at cool room temperature for several days and can withstand prolonged periods of display at weddings and events, making it a good choice for outdoor or summer weddings. 

Our standard tiers are comprised of four layers of cake with the finished tier measuring 5-6 inches tall. The layers are generally filled with silky smooth buttercream, homemade jams or curds, fresh fruit and other delicious things depending on your chosen flavour. Buttercream can be used on its own or flavoured with fresh fruit or preserves, freeze-dried fruit powders, citrus zest, crushed nuts or cookies, nut butters, tea leaves, coffee, natural flavouring oils and extracts, and many other fun things. 

Delivery costs are quoted on the location of your venue and complexity of the cake. We cover Cambridge, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Please drop us a message to find out more.

See our Instagram or Facebook page for recently updated designs. 

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Can't decide which flavour of cake you like because they all taste so good? Want something a bit more relaxed and low key? Want to give guests a choice of different cakes, cupcakes and brownies?

Having a cake bar at your wedding or event will not only be a little different but look visually stunning too. From October 2017 we will have our own beautiful rustic cake bar, hand made from reclaimed wood. It's the perfect centre piece for any special occassion and truely unique. 

Choose a selection of cakes and treats for your guest to devour. You can still have your centre piece cake but scatter cupcakes, cookies and brownies on various plates and cake stands to make a fantastic spread. Our cake bar will be set up to complement your wedding and to fit in with the look and style you would like. 

We offer all of our cake flavours in different sizes, mini cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, brownies, blondies, slices (millionaires, flapjack, lemon drizzle slice etc.), home made chocolates, cookies, mini meringue kisses, marshmallows, mini pavlovas and more!

We are always happy to try something new, so if you fancy one of your favourite bakes - we would be very happy to oblige!

Please drop us a message to find out more.



Heavenly brownies in various different flavours displayed in a rustic apple crate. Some people like their brownies nutty, others like them sticky sweet and oozing with salted caramel, and some like them with zesty orange or bursting with raspberry. So why not have them all so your guests can help themselves to their favourite flavour.

Not a Brownie fan? We also do a selection of great british tray bakes including our Baines Family Flapjack and lemon drizzle slice.

Gluten Free options also available. 

Please drop us a message to find out about our selection of flavours and pricing. 

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A beautiful tower of One Part Love Brownies in various flavours. 
Why not add fresh flowers to match your theme or a personalised cake topper and fresh berries. 

Contact us for more information!

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We offer various small bakes and treats, displayed in a luxury packaging with different options for customisation. 


A beautiful clear favour box or cellophane bag with a delicious One Part Love brownie inside, decorated with edible gold leaf and wrapped in a ribbon colour of your choice. Various flavours available. 


We've taken sugar cookies to the next level by incorporating modern design such as geometrics, metallics, watercolour effects and hand painted names & monograms, which can match your stationery. All beautifully wrapped and tailored to your colour scheme, you can even have the name of each guest hand painted, making perfect place settings!


Our hand crafted belgium chocolates come in white, milk and 70% dark chocolate. Either in a pyramid shape or a heart shape and decorated with edible gold leaf. They are filled with various flavours such as: Crumbled Oreo, Salted Caramel, Sticky Toffee, Strawberry & Marc de Chamagne, Gin & Tonic Caramel, Rum and Raisin, us for full flavour options. 

These are presented in a clear box either single (one chocolate) or double (two chocolates) with a coloured ribbon of your choice. The colour of the white chocolates can also be customised, such a
light pink to fit with the theme of your wedding. The options are endless. 

Single box approx - H4 x W4, double box approx - H3 x W8 x D4.


Vintage inspireD chocolate lollipops will add the perfect decor element to your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests. They come in various colours to complement your wedding - Such as rose, lavender, cornflower blue and Ivory. They are decorated with various toppings depending on design such as edible gold, edible shimmer powder, rose petals, cornflowers, lavender bronze sparkle, freeze dried us for more information and photos.  


We offer individual cupcake boxes in your favourite flavours. They are presented in either a clear or white box (with a clear window on the top) and can be personalised to fit the theme of your wedding.


We make beautiful small-batch fruit curds and preserves, both to flavour our cakes and fillings and to be used as gifts and wedding favours. Favourites include lemon curd and raspberry jam, but tell us your favourite flavour and we'll see if we can make it! 

We have many more options too and as everything we do is bespoke, we are happy for you to suggest some ideas. Please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

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Jessica Baines, 16/08/2017