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Ingredients & Suppliers:


All of our cakes are produced locally in Witchford, Ely (Cambridgeshire). We strongly believe in sourcing only the finest ingredients to make our delicious bakes and always looking for new local suppliers to work with. We use no additives and no preservatives and are proud of our short shelf life!

Here's where we source our main ingredients:

  • Our flours and raising agents (including our gluten free flours) are supplied by Doves Farm - a family owned flour mill that is dedicated to upholding organic, ethical and fairtrade standards. We think it's the best and makes a supreme sponge cake!
  • Our sugars are sourced from Tate + Lyle who are fairtrade accredited and produce their sugars from natural cane sugar (rather than sugar beet) creating a superior taste. When a recipe calls for caster sugar we always use golden caster sugar because we love the caramel flavour and colour it produces. 
  • We only use free-range eggs and we source ours from a local farm down the road in Suffolk (the next county).
  • We only ever use full cream butter in our cakes as it makes the best tasting sponges.
  • We use the finest belgium chocolate in all our products. Callebaut champions sustainable cocoa cultivation and fair trade practices and they have been producing chocolate in Belgium since 1911.
  • Our stunning edible flowers are provided by Nurtured by Norfolk. They are all natural, 100% edible and GM free. They contain no additives, preservative or haven't been sprayed. Just as nature intended.
  • Our fruit, veg and herbs are sourced locally from Kale and Damson in Papworth.

We do our best to source all our other ingredients locally, making sure they are in season, fresh, and responsibly sourced. 
Jessica Baines, 06/07/2017